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NewLevel Xr Immersive Solutions

We provide enterprise METAVERSE solutions for safety, marketing, education, and L&D, with a focus on VR, AR and AI.

Who We are

New Level XR Immersive Solutions

NewLevel Xr is a metaverse startup that develops enterprise solutions in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

We provide immersive training environments for safer workplaces and maximize the value of your real-world assets. Also, create meaningful experiences for consumers and engage them with your brand stories.

We partner with SaaS companies to bring ready-made solutions and guide you on creating your metaverse of intelligent environments and applications with the best engineers and developers worldwide! Let’s work together and create your new realities.

XR Solutions

We provide enterprise METAVERSE solutions.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions

VR safety training

Safety VR Training

Using VR technology in safety training creates a more risk-free environment to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge. Augmented reality is also a great way to make borderless communication.

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using VR in education

Immersive Learning

Study abroad strategy in metaverse era become virtual reality campus, while universities and schools without VR classrooms will become an educational institution in rural areas.

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Using VR in office

Corporate VR L&D

Borderless interaction like actual workshops, a cost-effective training budget, and fewer logistics instead of physically dull classrooms

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using AR in retail

Retailers And In-Store XR Activations

In either online or offline campaigns and displays, XR technology has the unique power to increase sales in immersive stories.

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Some Testimonials Of Our Happy Clients

our clients have been using our offline solutions since 2013 NOW they are even happier

To see our agency being agile and fast enough to provide XR online solutions for their success

The games conducted by New Level XR were the highlight of the two-day retreat, All faculty, staff, and families were engaged in all the games that brought together everyone.

Hamed M. Shamma, AUC

we are extremely delighted with the level of service, professionalism, and great attention to detail It was a real pleasure working with a new level Noha Mansi

Noha Mansi, CocaCola

I would like to take this chance to thank you for all your help and understanding of our needs and prepare this job in a truly short time & special thanks to Mr Hany, who was incredibly supportive

Sally Hosny, P&G

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