Augmented Reality Safety Training. What Exactly Is It?

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  • 7th Aug, 2022

In today’s world, technology really takes over and controls business dramatically even more than any time before. XR solution family presents augmented reality safety training.

As settled and imposed on business owners within the previous several years, there has been such a decisive technology, generated by computer intelligence, that distinguishes and even skyrockets some businesses over others noticeably and impressively; it is the XR solution family tech.

You might have even met or heard about one of these decent family members before: Augmented Reality Tech (AR), Virtual Reality Tech (VR), mixed reality Tech (MR, and 360-degree video tech.

And today, we are shedding more light on augmented reality (AR) technology, and how it is implemented for the good of safety training presenting what is so-called augmented reality safety training.


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality or AR is a computer technology that depends on modeling that enriches the real-world view with virtual details and objects so we can create such an integral needed environment.

It works on enhancing the objects digitally without changing them in the real world. Enhancing the real-world elements and the real physical objects with digital unreal content. Think of it as a live camera view of the real world that gets overlaid with virtual elements.

Moreover, users can interact with both elements, the virtual and the real ones as they were in real life. They can see them, interact with them, and even touch them. For instance, it creates a certain hazard digitally without having to exist in the real world.


Safety Training in the Context of Augmented Reality

For those of you who could be hearing the expression of safety training for the first time, here it is in simple words.

And yes, and it’s well known that the four afore-mentioned terms AR, VR, MR, and the 360-degree video tech all walk under the umbrella of XR solutions; however, still concern each one individually to reach the optimum benefit for our projects and in order to achieve the optimum levels of training inside organizations.

Safety training: it’s a set of activities to educate and enlighten employees with the needed knowledge and skills that qualify them to perform their work safely and effectively under the lights of committed compliance with government regulations.

In the last few years, USA research and considerations have pointed out the importance of safety training and applying the proper form of it to businesses blending it with the augmented reality tech as one unit.

Now, how do you think the augmented reality technology would get applied to safety training in a department in your company? And if so, how powerful could the anticipated training be?

Here are some examples to walk you through using and application of augmented reality (AR) on safety training on a factory floor:

· Simulating the worksite hazards and potential risks from an off-site location. That shall, in turn, open the eyes to more information and more needed precautions to take when the real implementation is actually happening.

· Visualizing and creating an engaging learning space enhanced with interacting virtual objects for workers inside the factory to learn and master new skills.

· Allowing employees and learners to make mistakes with a way less dangerous, and also seeing the resulting consequences before their eyes.

· Educating and learning the labor depending on simulated real situations to help them memorize information and important procedures.


Promoting the Ongoing Work

Looking at traditional workplace safety, we can easily find that it is not a single time activity. for most industries, it needs continuous monitoring, tracking, supervision, resources, etc.

Depending on traditional training methods like printing instructions on manuals and illustrating the precautions for employees that way are so time consuming and also lack the visual views and the need interacting.

Visualizing on-site hazards and potential risks helps workers to avoid safety mistakes and promote work efficiency as they can see they look like on the ongoing work.

augmented reality safety

When It Comes to Learning

once the augmented reality technology can integrate the real environment with the virtual needed elements, we can easily create an ideal learning space. The learners can have experiential training based on real experiences. They engage and fully immerse themselves in that interactive virtual environment made by the technology.

They would participate actively in real-life tasks under some guidance from experts till they get the hang of it. It enhances the real world with digital details that learners can interact with and even touch is way more effective and engaging, which means the learning process is more effective.

AR enhanced training can increase the ability of a learner to recall the concerned materials by as much as 300% compared to the traditional ways of learning.

USA industrial indicators have shown that augmented reality enhanced training along with virtual reality training can represent the most effective ways to increase knowledge retention and recall of the targeted learners.


Less Training Cost

Factories specify and always prioritize big overhead for safety training. However, adopting the traditional workplace training over the virtual enhanced training usually really requires much cost especially for industrial organizations.

Applying augmented reality in training can lessen the cost. It simply increases retention and recall, which, in turn, decreases the time of training courses and so the cost of training.

In addition to the less amount of time and new employees more likely to hit the worksites sooner, the AR and VR directly decrease the cost of training. Unlike the traditional class-rooms requirements, training with augmented reality does need less equipment, staff, experts, specialists, tools, etc. the less needed resources, certainly, come down to less cost. Augmented reality training can dramatically decrease the cost, maximize resources, and create such an enriching experience every time it is implemented properly.


Promoting Safety

Examples of real-life organizations that applied Augmented reality safety training to their businesses.

Now, we are taking you over some short experiences of those who realized the efficacy of augmented reality technology and have applied it in the safety training concern inside their companies.

1.   A construction company in the UK that concerns digitizing their projects to minimize the waste and improve the performance, Willmott Dixon in the UK:
“We are using the virtual reality and the Augmented reality safe training approaches to visually overlay 3D models of what a finished building would look like out on the actual building site.”
(Alan Ramzay, CIO of Willmott Dixon).

“We are using virtual reality to enable our customers to fully appreciate how spaces will truly feel once they’re complete.”
(Alan Ramzay, CIO of Willmott Dixon).

2.   Cummins is a multi-national corporate group, specialized in manufacturing constructing machines, and power generators.

They have adopted enhanced Augmented reality training programs inside their worksites to spot more potential hazards that might not be visible in their work sites.

Using VR and AR insights has helped them to embody more hazards in the work environment, and they trained their staff even more efficiently in case anything goes awry.

Using Virtual reality training has helped them to decrease more than 13% of products waste as the accurate virtual modeling technology before manufacturing final products has been so fruitful for them.


The Power of Augmented Reality Safety Training

The augmented reality training identifies hazards and all possible risks take every risk into consideration, understands the right mechanism of equipment, and comes up with a practical studied plan in case of any emergency.

Finally, enhancement of employee understanding in risk plants, response to fire accidents and alerts, and dealing with resulting damage through the generation of safer real-time situations are great advantages of augmented reality.


Augmented Reality Technology Could Be Fun

several years ago, specialists have started to develop a unique way for kids to watch, touch, and even interact with their favorite idol characters in the 3D world utilizing AR.

Using the AR technology, all you need to do is to open your favorite character image on your tablet, start rendering your heroes’ images into 3D models and have fun with them.