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using VR in corporate learning & development

Virtual Reality Learn, Train, Experience

VR corporate training is an immersive learning experience that recreates real-life settings and simulates work challenges! An L&D simulation - learning & development - allows employees to gain on-the-job training in a risk-free environment to learn by doing.

And according to a recent PwC study, employees taking VR training can learn up to four times faster than in the classroom and are more confident applying their new skills.

Plus, according to Verizon’s internal data, VR has increased the consistency and effectiveness of training and cut employee training time from 10 hours per person to just 30 minutes.


Train like a pro. We are experts in corporate training solutions, We offer ready-made or tailored solutions for your metaverse space as a VR training simulation for your employees.

We at NewLevelXR aren’t here to convince you to implement VR training for your employees, but you’re here because you’re looking for an L&D partner/vendor who understands experiential training and Virtual Reality at this exact moment. Hence, you’re in the right place.

Business and Soft Skills

These skills require a lot of practice to improve and include public speaking, sales, negotiation, and networking (to name a few), which can all be

enhanced with the help of VR.

Customer Handling Training

This is perhaps one of the best and easiest uses of VR, as it’s a perfect way to train customer service executives on how to interact with customers. The training simulations are (or should be) branching scenarios based on how a customer would react in real life.

Recruitment and Onboarding

VR can train HR professionals and managers to better interview candidates who apply to their organization. Once a candidate is selected, they can be brought on board using VR.

Onboarding training can include a brief introduction to the organization, its origins, global locations, key personalities of the company, and the like, making for an onboarding experience that will leave a mark on the recruit.

Diversity, Inclusion, Harassment and Compliance Training

These are usually mandatory training that otherwise would bore the living daylights out of employees. Thankfully, VR is very engaging and puts the user in the middle of all the action, helping them learn what to do and not do.

Corporate VR L&D

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