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using VR in education

Virtual Reality Campus

Whatever your school or university is doing, virtual reality campus classes are a must for better engagement and driving the bright miners of tomorrow. New Level XR has got you covered. A wide range of solutions using students’ laptops only or with a Virtual Reality headset are available for you.

So as an affiliate for niche platforms like Virbela and VictoryXR, we’ll facilitate your customer experience to run your school, day-to-day university operation, or single classroom in an immersive experience.


Your own campus. Your experience. Your bright miners of tomorrow. Get them engaged today with Virtual Reality campus and immersive classes.

Virbela Open Campus is an always-on, shared and collaborative space that provides education through virtual events, activities, workshops, and teaching academies.

If you want an immersive learning experience with 3D assets and objects, then VictoryXR is for you. VictoryXR offers classes that use virtual reality as a central component of the classroom. This platform allows students to interact in a synchronous yet virtual environment.

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The Campus is in 3D Desktop Mode

Bring all your students together for a Virtual Campus that can make everyone feel included, meet tutors, attend lectures, and organize homeschooled campus or school events where everyone is counted, not just the zoom-in events. This is how the VR school works.

Wondering How Virtual Reality is Being Used in Universities?

To bring learning to life, one of the most obvious benefits of VR education is the ability to transform lectures into immersive learning experiences, allowing lecturers to truly bring their subjects to life.

Classroom Environments

VictoryXR and NewLevelXR make the VR classrooms go beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom.

In virtual reality, students and teachers can experience subjects in ways that are never possible in a traditional classroom. Whether you want a more traditional classroom on campus, a futuristic lab in space, or something in between, we can create a classroom that fits your needs as an educator.

3D Object Library

VictoryXR and NewLevelXR provide 3D objects for science, history, literature, math, or any other subject. All these 3D objects are available to the entire class through the VictoryXR Academy.

Immersive Learning

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