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VR Safety Training Empowers Your Organization To Stay AHEAD Of Compliance

Virtual Reality or VR safety training has never been easier or as impactful as it is now. Virtual Reality has been extensively researched and tested as a powerful tool for training professionals across industries. We've designed it from the ground up to train HSE staff in industries from chemical plants to office buildings.

Adaptive Learning - Based on an individual's needs, a course can automatically change the difficulty level, content focus, or break time length so everyone can learn at their own pace.

Affordability - Virtual Reality safety training is not only cheaper than traditional means - it's also more convenient. In fact, many workers find it to be more enjoyable because it puts them in control of their own training schedule.

New Level XR understands the importance of HSE in any business. With our solid background and history dealing with multinational corporations like Methanex - P&G - MARS, we've decided to take safety training to an entirely new level of engagement and ROI by partnering with Ludus VR to create VR safety training software specifically designed for business.

 New Level XR provides virtual reality training simulations for health, safety, and environment training;

• Experience Virtual Reality Safety Training.

• Customizable Virtual Environments.

• Learn Quickly & Engage Employees.

Why wait?

Let's get down to business, & put safety first with NewLevel XR.

 Start your safety training in VR now!

Virtual Reality in Plant Risk Prevention

Ludus Global created plant risk prevention training to explain the safety measures in industrial plants; the simulation consists of various exercises covering different risks in the essential zones of the workplace.

Virtual Reality in Plant Risk Assessment

VR risk assessment by Ludus VR aimed at training the detection of risks in industrial environments. This training has a broad spectrum of situations that simulate a walk around a plant, evaluating and correcting safety errors, and presenting risks to oneself and others.

Virtual Reality in the Proper Use of PPE

Ludus VR aimed to correct the use and inspection of personal protective equipment in industrial workplaces and identify inadequate or defective equipment; the simulation allows the user to inspect the PPE, checking the safety level by viewing the markings (CE, pictograms, etc.).

Virtual Reality in Electrical Hazards

Ludus VR developed VR training for electrical safety to raise awareness and training in decision making related to these elements in the workplace; use this simulation to make workers aware of said risks by experiencing accidents in the first person and testing their knowledge.

Virtual Reality in Fire Safety

Ludus VR aimed at training in the management of fires and equipment to put out fires in the workplace; this training explains the necessary safety protocol and tests the knowledge acquired by the user, independently of their former experience with the equipment.

Virtual Reality in CPR

CPR training is aimed at teaching cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation, using virtual reality and an interactive and sensor-equipped dummy; the simulation encompasses several realistic situations, both guided and autonomous, cementing the knowledge.

Safety VR Training

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