VR Training for Electrical Safety

How is VR Training for Electrical Safety Helping Your Employees Stay Safe?

As a business organization that invests in the training and development of the people in your company, you want to maximize the return on your training investment; hence we - New Level XR - always help you reach this goal by ensuring the use of high-quality visuals tools in training sessions to keep your audience engaged and educated. So, to empower your employees, even more, we show them real-life scenarios to see how what they learn applies in their work environments and how to take certain steps to prevent avoidable workplace risks and encourage the best practices in their everyday tasks.


In VR training for electrical safety, the participant will:

Be aware of the main risks related to working with electrical hazards by experiencing a simulation of real-life conditions.

Be able to be properly equipped with PPE & use adequate equipment.

Handle a disconnected low voltage panel board with some charge still left.

Remove/replace elements from panels using the required tools.

Experience an incident out of a short circuit that leads to an arc flash.

Pass practical simulated exercises to test acquired knowledge.


After VR electrical safety training, the participant will be able to:

Apply safety instructions in case of electrical hazards.

Prevent expected accidents when working with electrical panels.

Make decisions safely, using the required equipment when working with electrical hazards.

Avoid electrical risks in the workplace.


You will also have the advantages of using virtual reality technology;

Being able to provide safety training without incurring the lost time associated with travel since participants can perform the training without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Providing cost-effective programs along the lines of workplace safety and employee development programs will eventually lead to a low attrition rate and increased productivity within your business, ensuring increased sales and profits for you.

Virtual Reality makes the learning experience a fun experience for the trainees, which in turn drives engagement and helps them retain the information presented, thereby improving their understanding of things learned during training.


Improving VR Training for Electrical Safety in the Future

Upcoming Updates;

• New electrical risk prevention systems.

• Measuring operations.

• New accident causes.

• Rescuing an endangered person.


New Level XR provides VR Electrical Hazards Safety training from Ludus Global, which will properly set your business ready for workplace electrical risks.

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VR Training for Electrical Safety