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Extended realities technology
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in the previous century, companies and professionals who refused and underestimated digital transformation and digital media power now do not exist. Don’t be another story by avoiding the XR technology and currently digitizing your assets and making it borderless its next generation of digital transformation.

Safety VR Training

Virtual reality makes it risk-free when you want to educate your beers, and Augmented reality make borderless communication

Real Estate Metaverse

VR Simulation - AR in Construction and the Future of Real-Estate concept as Digital assets and metaverse communities

Hospitality VR Travel

Augmented reality Menus and F&B display - VR Hotels tours and the Traveling becomes teleporting in the metaverse domain.

Marketing and Retail

Online or offline campaigns and display, XR Technology has the unique power to increase sales in immersive stories

Corporate L&D

Borderless interaction like actual in-person workshops, cost-effective training budget, and fewer logistics. and high engagement like never before in the physical boring classrooms

Students Education

Study abroad strategy in metaverse era become VR campus, Universities and schools without VR classrooms become an educational institution n in rural areas.

Real facts

We have some awesome real facts for you.

As a XR Software house, we follow the industry statistics & facts information from global view. forecasted from 2019 to 2024


Billions $ Market


Millions VR Headset


Millions Jobs


Billions $ Boost in GDP

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As a former business consultancy firm in marketing, team building, and CSR for multinational corporates, we started NewLevel XR as a software house in 2020, partnering with the world leaders in XR technology and metaverse visionaries. We combine our business mindsets and experience with the future technologies that will make the world in a completely different state in the next thirteen years

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